What is TEFL training course?

Teach English as Foreign language

            English has become the most important language in the world. The TEFL Thailand is the teaching courses for teachers which are rated for 140 hours and it cover the traditional teach English as foreign language course and the specialized teaching disciplines. The 120 hours are for TEFL and remaining 20 hours are for teaching disciplines. Most of the companies charge extra for the specialized teaching disciplines but some of them include it into their basic package and plan.

TEFL Thailand

            The teaching disciplines includes teaching of English online, teaching business English, teaching of science, teaching of math, etc but all of these are included into the 140 hour package of training course by certain companies. This helps the candidates to get all the tools which are needed for succeeding on the field of teaching worldwide. It is ensured that completing this course allows a candidate to teach in English in any country along with a good knowledge of disciplines.

Course hours and completion

            The TEFL is the teacher training course which is considered as the very intensive course. It is the course which is of 3 weeks instead of the usual 4 week’s course. It means that the students get extra instructions of 2 hours per day and that mean that they can graduate earlier and start earning a week earlier. The traditional course is 6 hours a day Monday to Friday but some companies offer it for 8 hours a day which makes it easy to complete the course in 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks. The 8 hours per day is never boring and they are considered as the most effective and fun making classes for a candidate. The knowledge gained is useful for the candidate and they also enjoy it.

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