Get Rid of Damage and Acquire the Perfect Skin Tone!

‘The fair maiden’ is an oft-heard notion. However, with ever-increasing pollution, maintaining unblemished skin is difficult. This is why individuals today need skin care treatments to retain their dermatological health.

But what must one do for proper skincare?

Here are a few simple things that individuals might resort to for proper skincare:

  1. Cleansing

It is recommended to wash one’s face with a mild cleanser, once or twice in a day. Harsh cleansers with high pH can result in acute skin damage.

People with normal and dry skin would do well to clean their faces once every day. Those, with oily skin, must resort to cleansing at least twice. This is because oily skin types are more prone to damage. Therefore, the cleaning regime for such a skin type has to be stricter.

Also, one could do well to opt for cleansers with dragon-blood resin base. Such solvents improve skin tone and therefore increase radiance. He/she could visit the Nioskin website here to know more about them.

  1. Using a sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight majorly contributes to skin damage. Hence, individuals would do best to shield their skins from those harmful UV rays. One way shield yourself from skin damage is to use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide sunscreen with a minimum (SPF) of 15.

One could also opt for a moisturizing lotion that doubles up as a sunscreen. Such creams are excellent since they combine the benefits of two products in one.

  1. Exfoliation

Individuals could also use exfoliates like glycolic acid, and beta- and alpha hydroxyl acid, infused with fruit enzymes to improve their skin texture. Using them with a soft brush produces the best effects.

Ones with oily skin can resort to their exfoliating their skin on every alternate day.

These three basic routines can help individuals have better skin tones. Moreover, following such treatments also provide better protection against ageing.

For more information, individuals can visit the Nioskin website here, and opt for the product of their choice.

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